Wednesday, 15 May 2013

If I have to run tonight I feel like I will die.

I'm just so tired.  Didn't get a good night's sleep - it was rowdy outside at 4am.  Usually feeling so tired is reason enough not to exercise, because my body really really doesn't want to - where is the energy going to come from?!  But this whole 'running buddy' thing is making me have to go running after work. Weird how simply deciding something together with someone, makes you do it. Weird and horrid.

Also, it's windy. :-(


  1. Love your posts! I used to pledge runs on a forum weekly and it made me do them. Even when I realised if I lied on the forum, no-one would know. Sometimes you just need a little push.

    I once had the running fairy too... that's great but rare! Keep it up... or I'll be forced to run after you with a big stick!

  2. Are you OK? Did you go for a run and died?