Wednesday, 8 May 2013


This is a blog about being totally unfit.  There will be no motivational talk or positive thinking crap - just the good and honest truth. If you are totally unfit and would like to join us, comment here, on facebook, or email and ask to remain anonymous. Comments and guest bloggers are welcomed with flabby open arms!

Before you join us however, there is one other criteria (besides being totally unfit). You have to be trying to get fit. We don't care how. The interesting thing to us, is how you fail. Please document all your failures here. That way, even if you never succeed, at least we will get a laugh at your expense. For which, in advance, a heartfelt thank you. There are too many shiny successful people in the world; unfit people must stick together to reset the balance, and we must do it now.

Anyone who is fit and/or who posts motivational crap will be banned for life.

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