Sunday, 12 May 2013

OMG we did it again.

I don't entirely understand how it happened. We said we were going out for a curry later - so far so good. But before we did, I realised that we'd said we were going for a run tonight. With trepidation, I looked out the window - no excuses in the sky - it was a beautiful, gently sunlit evening, dry paths, a gentle breeze. I knew I had to call him. 

"Hi. Sorry about this, but we said we were going for a run. You don't want to - right? Or do you?" I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

He hesitated. "I do..." Damn. "Hmm - I have to find my jogging pants though. Or maybe I can wear shorts. Yes I'll do that. See you in ten minutes."

So we did. Only the third run, but it was already easier - I didn't need to stop this time on the way to the park. I thanked the angels that today I did not feel like dying, although admittedly this may have been thanks to biology/ chance/ the banana I gobbled down an hour ago. 

When he finished a huge starter of potato fritters at the curryhouse later, he deserved it. I'm sure we haven't lost any weight yet (not counting!), but I can tell you that we feel terribly virtuous.

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