Thursday, 9 May 2013

Yay it's raining!!

Boyfriend said it'd be enough to run once a week. I had a feeling though that we ought to be running twice a week, and talked him into that (I still have a feeling about the right thing to do, even if every cell in me fights it). So today is meant to be the day of our second run - but I've been so excited because it's been raining all day!  My heart leaps every time I see that it's still pissing down. Rain, you see, means that we couldn't possibly go for a run - we might catch pneumonia, which would mean months of recovery and hospital bills. Running in rain --> pneumonia --> months of not running --> false economy --> ergo, do not run in the rain!  However :-( tragically as I write this, it looks like there might be a lull. Perhaps slippery paths are reason enough to postpone?

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